Build a Successful Company Through Landing Pages, Email Marketing & Social Media.

Are you spending too much time, energy, human resources and money on internet marketing? Is your website not converting traffic into sales? Are you unable to find your company on Google?

These are constant struggles professionals and business owners face. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out, you need to understand how to leverage online marketing for yourself and for your business. This eBook The Ultimate Guide to Online Marketing Success shows you the 4 key elements in marketing your business online. The essentials discussed in this guidebook include:

      1. How to Build a Strong Brand
      2. How to Create an Online Marketing Plan
      3. How to Establish Your Expert Credibility – and Why Being an Expert is Important for Your Business!
      4. How to Drive Sales through Email Lists & Landing Pages

I’m Randi Zucker, author of The Ultimate Guide to Online Marketing Success. I have over a decade of experience designing websites, developing social media marketing plans, creating newsletter campaigns and building many other internet marketing assets. I spent the last 10 years helping people build successful companies through strategic internet marketing. I’ve learned how to build an online marketing strategy that will work for your specific business goals. I’ve tried a million and one tactics and can narrow down the basic building blocks for a profitable marketing campaign. I have worked at Women’s Health magazine,, and currently serve as Expert Services Director for the expert concierge website I have appeared on the “Today” Show, “Fox & Friends,” “NY 1,” Los Angeles Times newspaper and other outlets as an expert in online social teachings.

My e-book will tell you the steps you need to take to create an effective internet marketing plan that will generate results. I will explain how landing pages drive loyal fans and customers. You will also learn about the best social networks to use depending on your business.

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